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Adler specifications 
Manufacturer: Adlerwerke (Heinrich Kleyer AG), Frankfurt am Main

ADLER - M250/Steib LS200 Frame-No. 202091                                                                          

Air cooled two-cylinder Adler two-stroke engine with flat-crowned pistons, drilling 54 mm, piston stroke 54 mm, cubic capacity 247 ccm, compression 1:5,75. 

Normal rating of 16 PS at 5590 rpm, one slide carburettor built-in in the engine housing.

Electrical Equipment: 
Voltage controlled 6 Volt 45/60 W, lighting and ignition set, battery  6V, 6Ah.


Gearbox and drive: 
Adler four-speed gearbox in the engine block, ratchet foot gear change,, multiple-disc clutch, elastic drive transmission by fully encapsulated roll chain.

Double tubular brazed frame with great lateral rigidity with sidecar adapter. Front fork, separate fork bars with swinging arm resilience, encapsulated friction shock absorber; telescope rear wheel resilience with oleograph shock absorbers,  working progressively. Full telling axises.

 3.25 x 16

Drum brakes 180 mm í.

Fuel tank: 
Contents of approx. 12 ltr rubber mounted, with rubber knee grips and tool container. 

Fuel consumption: 
3,6 ltr. (5,7 ltr.)/100 km. Maximum speed: 116,5 / (95,0) km/h (full throttle). km/std. (autobahnfest).

Gross weight:
135 kg/(200 kg with LS200 sidecar)

Deep-drawn mudguards, rear mudguard hinged, carrier, center stand, adjustable foot rests, adjustable handlebar, thief-proof lock in steering head, speedometer and kilometer counter built-in in the headlight and illuminated.

Electrical horn, back light and brake stop light.

Handycapped-tank-gearshift  with guide tube and shift stem. 

Additional shock absorbers for front fork.

DM 1.985,-- Sport-Edition with upper mounted

Exhaust pipes:
DM 2.091,50.

Adler symbols through the years


General  details 

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Engine details



Original Australian brochure

Publications & technical articles 

These documents can be made available by sending a email request to Don Littleford.
Some restrictions on their release apply.

If the information you require is not on the list, whether it be the MB 250 model or others, make an enquiry as it may be available.

Most of the information listed is on a disc produced by the Australian Adler owners.
A copy of the disc is available.
This is for personal use and conditions apply.

* Engine rebuild   ( German & English versions )

* Clutch repairs    ( German & English versions )

* Gearbox repairs   ( German & English versions )

* Workshop handbook   ( English version )

* Spare parts manual , parts & drawings   ( German version )

* Spare parts manual , parts & drawings   ( English version ) 

* Spare parts manual for Junior Scooter   ( English version )

* Exhaust design   ( Factory design and technical notes )

* Bing carburettor   ( Drawing & jet details )

* Adler story . The two stroke takes off

* Owner instruction book   ( Issued with new bike )

* Chassis / engine number by year & model

* Alternative pistons suitable for the MB 250

* Engine rebuild. Guidance for the home mechanic

* MB250 clutch dismantle

Adler articles printed in Australian magazines

The Adler owners in Australia have recently had articles printed in two of the leading motorcycle magazines.
Further information can be provided on these stories.

In issue No 11 ( Jan/Feb 2009 ) of Old Bike Australasia, there was a 5 page story on the Adler with reference to it's history in Australia.

In issue No 37 2009 of VMX vintage motocross, there is a 5 page story on Gus Priem's replica Motocross.

Gus has been a follower of the Adler motocross when he grew up in Holland in 1957 and was a fan of Jan Vanderhoek and Rudi Bloom  who were the top off road riders.
Because of the rarity of the Adler motocross Gus knew he would never find one so decided to make a replica.
The start point was a set of photos that Gus took all the measurements from.
To make it look as close as possible to the original, many parts had to be made from scratch.
After two years the bike made it's first appearance in 2008 and the bike attracted much attention as well as at the first Australian Adler Rally in January 2009.
Photos of the bike are on the Other Adler Sites page of this web site.
Go to the First Australian Adler Rally 2009 link.