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The following Information has been provided by those accessing the site.

If you would like your details included on the site, email the information to
Don Littleford.

Email addresses are not shown for each owner, but they can be made available on request.

They will be provided if permitted by the owner, so that owners can have 
direct contact with others in their own Country and worldwide.
This contact is for advice and meetings.


 George White         Lancashire - United kingdom

Bought the Adler at the 2004 Stafford Show .
Has 2 engines but needs the fuel tank , front & rear guards .
Wants to know if the motorcross parts are different to other models
 Ian Munro         Poole - UK

MB 250
The bike was first registered in January 1955 and was the test machine for the article in the  "Motorcycling" magazine in February 1955

email contact lost

 John Cousins         Inverness - UK

Two Favorits,MB 250, MB 200,MB 150

 Theodoros Hnaras         Hania - Greece

MB 250
email contact lost

 Masson Philippe         Marchin - Belgium

M 200, MB 250

 Daman Thakore         Ahmedabad - India

M 100
Daman is after the following parts for his 1949 M100 .
Engine , gearbox , carburator , rear logo , side guards , tail lamp .

 Carlos Pebe Montoya         Lima - Peru

125 cc

 Keith Wall         Sydney - Australia

MB 250
The bike was bought new in 1956 and used daily until 1987 .
Still enjoys riding the bike .
One owner since new .

 Ben van Steenwijk         Tiel - Holland

email contact lost

 Thomas Ackermann         Gelnhausen - Germany

MB 250

 Jamie Farr          Hull - England

email contact lost

 Kari Eskolin         Kerava - Finland

MB 250S

 Mark Mann          Toledo - USA

MB 250
Traded a snow plow truck for the bike 6 years ago .
Finally got it on the road .

 Herman Mertens         Antwerpen - Minderhout

MB 250

 Romeo Pocrnic         Nova Raca - Croatia

M 200, RS 250

 Peter Piendl         Australia

MB 250
Peter has a MB 250 in need of restoration .
He is after a engine and handle bars .

 Don Littleford         Toowoomba - Australia

MB 250
See Home page.

 Rowan Bond         Mackay - Australia

MB 250, MB 250S
The 1955 MB250 was purchased new in 1956 by a German tourist from Mayfair Motorcycles in Melbourne.
About 1960 the bike was being ridden near Emerald in Queensland when it broke down. A local police sergeant came to the rescue and eventually the bike changed hands.
After a few years in a shed the bike was running again and used as a paddock bike until it finally stopped with gearbox troubles.
Rowan heard of the bike in 1982 where by that time it had found it`s way to Rockhampton.
The bike was stripped down and in 1995 it was entered in the `Wheels West` Rally in Perth WA.
Rowan met another Adler owner from Sydney and a deal was struck and Rowan had two more bikes.
The restored bike has completed in many Rallies.
It tours comfortably at 90-100km either solo or two up and has a top speed of almost 80 mph.
Rowan has done major work on the motor by using other brand parts and is the man to talk to if you have mechanical problems.
Rowan is trying to make up a RS250 and is looking for a swinging arm conversion.

 Socrates         Sydney - Australia

MB 250
I bought the bike 20 years ago but had not seen the bike for over 18 years as it was in Greece.
My father sent it back to me about a year and half ago.
The full story goes like this`...
When I was 16 I lived in Athens Greece.
I bought the bike from a gentleman who bought it from Germany.
He fell from the bike a couple of times and gave up riding it.
He kept it at his house but over the years some things were stolen, like the kick-starter, thumb-screws, etc.
The gentleman sold it to me in 1979.
I then began restoring the bike with my limited pocket money and I do mean pocket money!
I found an original ADLER kick-starter and my friend`s father made some of the screws that were missing.
After 8 months of Sunday work I had removed most of the rust and resprayed it [using cans of paint if you believe it].
I also bought some other components such as a speedo which was smashed and other electric and mechanical components [friction disks in front suspension)
I did not ride the bike except for a couple of times because I did not have a licence.
Shortly after I `restored` the bike I returned to Australia to study and stayed here since (I was born here in Sydney).
After many years I asked my father to send the bike to me, so now it is back with me waiting to be rescued from my early `restoration`.
I will try to do the bike justice and make it look as close to original as possible.
I have been saving pictures from restored ADLER M250`s to get the original look as a benchmark.
There is plenty of chrome work that needs restoration, a complete re-spray, find some missing bolts and repair a broken fin on the right cylinder.
I am not sure what state the engine is but when I got it working back then it seemed to be quite OK.
I did not find any more rust on the bike, since I last saw it, as it was inside in a dry environment.
The books that come with the bike show a couple of previous owners and details about the bike such as
serial numbers etc.

 Kerry Hill          Brisbane - Australia

MB 250
Kerry from Brisbane has a 1954 MB250 bought in 1991 at Brisbane.
Rough but in going condition.
The bike was restored by Kerry`s husband in mid 1990`s (now black with gold pinstriping and a single seat) and it was entered straight away in it`s first Qld Historical Road Racing Championships (Regulatory Trial).
Unfortunately it broke down and had to be pushed back to the pits.
Since then the bike has featured at these annual Championships plus events such as STAY Racing and BEARS Racing.
Kerry also attends historical rallies and ride days in SE Qld and northern NSW.
The bike also featured on the Bike Show some years back and for some years was STAY Racing`s Lap Record Holder (Regulatory up to 500cc).
It has also won a few Concourse awards

 Ralph Roles          Brisbane - Australia

MB 250, MB 250S
Started motorcycling on a BSA Bantam 125 and graduated to a Bantam 150.
Most motorcyclists of the era had a Bantam at some time.
The 125 was a bit slow as todays joggers would go past.
He fell in love with the Adler as he didnt want one of those big British Twins (bodgie bikes) that everyone rode in the 50`s.
Scooters were also in favour and the Vespa and Lambretta were very common in Brisbane.
Ralph almost bought a Daimler Puch as Adlers were expensive (new) and were out of most peoples price range.
One saturday morning he passed the BP Garage on Kingsford Smith Drive near Breakfast Ck and saw an Adler for sale for 80 Pounds.
It didnt run too well but could`nt be resisted and this became his first Adler.
Eventually like for all motorcyclists of the era the bike was replaced by a car (Ford Anglier) to improve his social life.
Many Adler gearbox/motors were used in Go Karts which were popular at the time.
In the late 70`s Ralph started looking for an Adler again and while at a vintage motorcycle meeting at Lakeside saw a beautiful restored Adler on display.
It was his old bike but the owner would not part with it.
However the present owner had other Adlers and Ralph bought one that resided in a chook shed.
A few weeks later a partly restored MB 250S appeared in the newspaper for sale so then Ralph had two bikes.
Ralph is to retire this year and will then be devoting time to his bikes.
He was watching the bike show on SBS TV one night which featured a Adler owned by a lady rider (still has the recorded tape).
This was a black MB250 with a solo seat and belonged to Kerry of Brisbane.
As Ralph says Adlers are out there but very hard to find.

 Thomas Tisch         Redcliffe - Australia


 Bruno Kausch          Johnnesburg - South Africa

MB 210, MB 250
Bruno is a visitor to the site from Johannesburg South Africa.
He knows of only a few Adler`s in South Africa as they are very rare in that country.
Bruno has some parts to swap and needs a few.
email contact lost

 Scott Kiefer         Tuscaloosa Alabama - USA

MB 250, Sprinter, MB 250S
Scott is a visitor to the site from Tuscaloosa,Alabama USA and is restoring a 1957 MB 250 Sprinter and a 1955 MB 250S.
The sprinter is fairly complete with the engine at Juergens in Germany being overhauled.
The MB 250S needs a great number of engine parts.
email contact lost

 Danny Pepe         Shenorock NY - USA

Danny is a visitor from Shenorock NY USA and is restoring a M200.
He is asking for help in locating some parts.
email contact lost

 Edward Carter         Adelaide - Australia

MB 250
Edward from South Australia first came across an Adler in 1958,which was a MB250S owned by a friend.
He had a 500cc Matchless at the time but was impressed by the Adlers performance.
In the early 60`s he bought two Adlers and prepared them for competition.
One for scrambles and trials and the other for road racing
He raced them with the Atujara MCC in SA for a number of years in scrambles,short circuit,road racing and club events with various success.
When Adler stopped production,Yamaha bought the blue prints for these machines.
The  Adler is running with a two into one exhaust which was not the easiest thing to do successfully.

 Thom Wroblewicz          Warsaw - Poland

155 bicycle
Thom is a visitor from Warsaw Poland and has a Adler 155 bicycle with three speed gears and is trying to contact other Adler owners who are collectors of the bicycles.
Would Europe owners make contact with him.

 George Gould         Bribie Island - Australia

MB 250, MB 250S
George has been into Adler`s for many years and now has two fully restored bikes.

 Guenter E.Bley          Florida - USA

Approx 35 Adlers from Sachs to Favorit and RS
Guenter E.Bley is a visit from the USA.
He is an ex employee who worked for Adler in Frankfurt Germany in the Kleyerstr from 1957-1977 in the following departments: Engine assembly M100,M250.Road test group.Motor repair shop.
Typewriter manufacture.Guenter now resides in the USA.
His 35 Adlers include a watercooled RS and a Moto Cross which are all original.
He located the Adler dealership for the USA and took over their entire stock of parts and bikes about 12 years ago.
This included 3 Moto Cross and a Favorit.
The rest of his bikes were found in the USA and some were imported from Germany.
He does Adler restorations and works on his BMW racers(R51RS,RS54d.o.h.c.and doubleknocker supercharged 500).He also does vintage racing.
He can be contacted in the USA at his email address or,Phone 305-289-0677,Fax 305-743-7378,Mobile 847-226-0695.
He has some two carb barrels for swap and would be a good man to talk to if you have a problem with your Adler.

 Chiel Agterberg         Holland
MB 250
Chiel Agterberg is a visitor to the Site from Holland.
He has a MB 250 which he has restored.
email contact lost

 Peter Heher         Australia

Two MB 250
Peter is currently restoring a 1956 MB250 and has a 1955 MB250 waiting.

 Dirk Drechsle         Inzlingen - Germany

MB 250
Dirk is a visitor to the site from Inzlingen Germany.
He is restoring a MB 250 and is seeking a tool box cover

 Laurits Lind         Denmark

MB 250
Laurits is a visitor to the site from Denmark and has a 1954 MB250 which he has just started to restore.

 Irwan Budianto         Jakarta - Indonesia

M 100
Irwan is a visitor to the site from Jakarta Indonesia.
He has recently rebuilt a M 100 1953 125cc single cylinder Adler.
It is cream colour with red and gold pinstriping.
He is still missing a few parts .He has used other parts while waiting to find the correct one`s.
He is using a VW Kombi oil filler cap which fits as a petrol cap.
The gearbox is in good condition although it has some manufactured parts inside to replace worn units.
The engine is in good working condition.
Wants information on the bike so if anyone can help him out with service manuals then contact him
email contact lost

 Bernie Stevens         West Sussex - UK

MB 250
Bernie is a visitor to the site from the UK.
He owns a complete original 1954 MB250 which was bought in 1991 from a Colin Seeley who was the world sidecar champion in the early 50`s.
He bought it at a auction a few months earlier because he liked the style and shape of it and remembered friends racing them in the 50`s.
The bike was featured in an article called `Authentic and Unrestored` in `Classic Motorcycle` in February 1996.
Through his interest in German motorcycles,and Adlers in particular,he has put together a Adler register in the UK.
At the moment there are 12 MB250`s (including the first one to be imported into the UK,which was a private purchase from the Frankfurt factory in 1954), 6 MB250, Favorit, M200, MB201.
Also there is a person who owns about 12 various machines, but none on the register.
Bernie also has a list of Adler`s in a European register.
The bike always starts 2nd kick even after standing untouched for 9 months
 Fernando Garetto         Chile

M 100
Fernando is a visitor to the site from Chile and is restoring a M100.
He is asking for help from anyone who has any information on this model to help him with his restoration
email contact lost

 Kevin Wilson       Adelaide - Australia

Kevin is looking for a tool box , chain guard and mudguard for his Sprinter.

 Conrad Servranckx         Brussels

MB 250
Conrad is a visitor to the site from Brussels.
He is stripping down a MB 250 to do a full restoration .
email contact lost

 Pocrni C Romeo         Nova Raca - Croatia

Two M 200, MB 250RS
Pocrni is a visitor to the site from Nova Raca in Croatia

 Marian Blazicek         Slovakia

M 250
Marian is a visitor to the site from Slovakia.
He has a M 250 ( frame 209092 ) which was bought partly restored .
Parts are now being prepared for painting .
The bike was imported into Czechoslovakia in 1964 from Germany .
Marian is looking for a headlight
email contact lost

 Randall Gourley         Kalamazoo - USA

Randall is a visitor to the site from Kalamazoo USA .
He has a 1939 Adler Sachs which is in need of parts for the restortation.
The bike is a peddle start with a two speed shifter,twenty six inch tyres,a springer front end and a solo seat.
He needs :- Peddles , coil, gas cap, tail light , manual and any information on the model.
email contact lost

 Michael Liebig         Wiesbaden - Germany

M 250, LS sidecar, M 150
Web sites  
and  Michael is a visitor to the site from Wiesbaden Germany.
His bike is a M 250 / LS 200 Steib side-car,frame 202091, built 1953,249 ccm,16.0 hp,v/max 95 km/h 2 persons, registered for 3 persons.
 Alvaro Milon Esparza          Lima - Peru

MB 250
Alvaro is a visitor to the site from Lima Peru.
He is restoring a green 1956 MB 250.
The bike is complete with original headlight,taillight,etc.
There is not much information on Adler`s in PERU, so Alvaro is after as much information he can get.
 Leo Falkner        Sinsheim - Germany

MB 250S
Leo is a visitor to the site from Sinsheim Germany.
He has a MB 250S which is OK but he is looking for one of the 250cc motors.

 Vincent Estibeiro         Goa - India

M 125
Vincent is a visitor to the site from Goa, India.
He has a M 125 that he bought second hand and is in the process of refurbishing the bike.
He is after help with the kick starter and would like to get a copy of the M125 manual.

 Rolf Mossberg         Karlskoga - Sweden

MB 250, Favorit
Rolf is avisitor to the site from Karlskoga, Sweden .
He has a 1954 MB250 and a 1957 Favorit .
The bikes are in perfect condition and were obtained from England in 1995.
A friend found the two bikes behind a cooling radiator at a shop near Picadilly Circus where they had been standing for about 32 years

 Rocky Rockwell        Western Michigan - USA

MB 250
Rocky is a visitor to the site from Western Michigan USA .
He has a MB250 in outstanding condition .
The bike was brought from Europe by a San Diego California enthusiast.
It was originally fitted with a beautiful Royal side car but when the bike was resold the side car had been sold separately .
It is finished in black with gold pin stripes .
email contact lost

 Fred Slifer          Erdenheim Pa - USA

M 100, MB 250, Sprinter, Trials conversion
Fred is a visitor to the site from Erdenheim Pa , USA .
He has four Adlers .
email contact lost

 Toptsidis Charalampos         Xanthi - Greece

MB 250
Toptsidis is a visitor to the web site from Greece.
He is the proud owner of a MB 250 which he bought in bad condition.
He has now started to restore it and is very happy with his purchase

 Willfred Klee          Germany

Will Kee used to be the racing engine specialist in the ADLERWERKE
 Gus Priem         Fairfield - Australia

Gus saw his first Adler in 1957 at a meeting in Amsterdam ( Holland ) , when he watched Rudie Boom and Jan Hoek on two red Adler`s cleaned up the opposition .
He now has restored his dream red machine
from a box of bits.

 John Pedersen         Silkeborg - Denmark

John bought his first Adler in 1959
 Billy Bronson         Titusville - USA

M 200
Billy has recently acquired a M 200 and is after help in its restoration .
It was love at first sight when he found the bike
email contact lost

 W Zwier         Makkinga - Holland

MB 250
A visitor to the site from Makkinga Holland who has a 1955 MB 250 .

 Keith Murphy         Canandaigua - USA

MB 150
Keith is a visitor from Canandaigua in the USA .
He has a MB 150 that he is restoring and is looking for help
email contact lost

 Perry Bushong          Haltom City - USA

MB 250
Perry is a visitor to the site from Haltom City USA .
email contact lost

 Moto Donatz          Netherlands

MB 250
Web site
An Adler originally sold in the Netherlands .
Missing the toolbox , chaincover and right armature .
Otherwise complete and ready for restoration .

 Steve Keough         Canberra - Australia

MB 250
Web site
Steve is a visitor to the site from Canberra , Australia .
The bike was purchased in October 2006 from the previous owner in Sydney , where it had been in storage and last registered in 1995.
The bike is in very good condition and a joy to ride .
Some modifications in externally mounted coils , exhaust , etc .

 Kimberley          East Sussex - England

Kimberley is restoring a Junior scooter and is after guidance .

 Brian McRae          Bunbury - Australia

Two MB 250
Brian is a visitor from Bunbury in Australia .
The 1956 model is almost complete but unrestored.
The 1958 bike is fairly complete but is a parts bike .
Both bikes have been owned for about 30 years .

 Hans Schigulski         McLaren Vale - Australia

MB 250
Hans is from McLaren Vale in South Australia has a MB250 recently restored

 Fernando Tapia Vallenas        Cusco - Peru

MB 250
Fernando is from Peru and has a MB250 which he recently bought .
He is having trouble with the gearbox and is seeking help .

 Peter Meder          Augustenborg - Denmark

MB 250
Peter is a visitor to the site from Denmark.
He has a MB250 and has owned it since 1955 and has done a lot of mileage .
For a stint in 1958 it was also raced on speedway tracks and at that time was fitted with the S cylinder heads and had the ports changed correspondingly .
After a gerabox breakdown it underwent a complete restoration a couple of years ago .
email contact lost

 Michael & Bill Waugh          North Shields - United Kingdom

MB 250, RS
Michael and Bill are visitors to the site from the UK.
The RS bike is all original except it has been fitted with Ceriani forks,Oldani front brake,27mm dell`Orto carbs,modified porting and a 4 plate clutch.
All work was done by Willi Klee over the years the bike was raced

 Baarb Smith          Kangaroo Flat - Australia

Adler car
Baarb is a visitor to the site from Australia and has a question for Australian Adler owners .
In the fifties her father owned a Adler car which was imported from Germany with a view to producing a peoples car in Australia.
The car was similar in appearance to a Citroen .
Would anyone have any information on this .

 Tom Stevenson         Brisbane - Australia

Tom lives in Brisbane , Australia .
He purchased the bike in February 2007 .
The bike needs a respray as the colour is not right and the chrome needs touching up.

 Alvaro Casal Tatlock        Montevideo - Uruguay

MB 250
Alvaro is a visitor from Montevideo in Uruguay and has a MB250.
The bike was purchased complete and in running order but it needed a complete restoration so is now being dismantled.

 Jurgen Wolter         White River - South Africa

MB 250
Jurgen is a visitor from White River in South Africa.
He has a 1956 MB 250 that he is restoring with a lot of work still to do.
He is trying to locate other Adler owners in ZA.

 Amwar         Indonesia

M 125
Amar is from Indonesia and has a M125 that is in bad condition and is trying to restore.
He is after help,so if anyone knows the model could you contact him
email contact lost

 Lucky Lazzuardi Espana        Subang - Indonesia

M 125
Lucky is from Subang Indonesia and has a M125 which he considers is unique.
email contact lost

 Banu Subagyo       Indonesia

M 125
Banu from Indonesia is the proud owner of a M125.
email contact lost

 Thomas F Giordano         New York - USA

Thomas a visitor to the site from New York, USA, has recently purchased a Adler Junior which is in need of parts.
The bike is missing the fuel tank and air cleaner.
It may also need a new piston.
Could anyone who has worked on a Junior contact Thomas and give him some advice.

 Zig Pasznicki          Roleystone - Australia

MB 250
Zig is a visitor from Roleystone in Western Australia and has a 1955 MB 250 which he has owned for 15 years.
He needs a front mudguard for it`s restoration

 Mark Brasser          Krommenie - Netherland

MB 250 Sprinter

 John Hankin          New Alresford - UK

1904 Adler 2 1/2 hp

 Phillip Potter        Adelaide - South Australia

MB 250
Phillip bought his first Adler, a MB 250S, in 1955 from Alex Cambell an ex Australian motor cycle racing champion.
It came straight from the road racing circuit and was referred to as the whispering death as it won just about every race it entered.
It was modified to specs supplied by the Adler factory.
It was sold and a 2nd and 3rd Adler purchased which eventually were also sold.
In 1969 he returned to Australia and retired from the English merchant navy as a senior Engineer and bought the 4th Adler in the Northern Territory which was unused until 1996 when the restoration was completed.
He has retained this bike.
He has rebuilt aeroplanes including 3 tiger moths and overhauled gipsy engines.

  David Wearne      Echuca - Australia

David is from Echuca in Victoria.
He has just fully reconditioned the motor and now working on the body.
It had it's first outing at the Australian Adler Rally in January 2009.

  Rich Lant      Bitburg - Germany via the USA

MB 250 1954
Rich is from the USA but working in Germany painting aircraft.
He has found a MB 250 in good condition that has been stored since 1981.
Once cleaned up he has a real treasure.
He has an interest in old bikes and ownes 18 bikes including a Ardie, Velocette, NSU, Victoria, Tornax and a Rabeneick.
He spends a fair bit of time in England looking for bikes to add to the collection.

  Vince Bauer    Bundaberg - Australia

MB 250 1955
Vince's bike was purchased new from Folks Round & Murchie in Bundaberg and Vince's parents bought it later when it went up for sale.
His mother used the bike to travel to work but the bike was retired when a car came into the family.
The bike was kept in storage for many years but the restoration has now started .
Vince also has a web site and this is the third Australian web site set up for Adlers.

   Peter Heuzenroeder      Tanunda -  South Australia

MB 250 1955, MB 250 1956, MB 250S 1956
Peter has completed the physical restorations and now concentrating on the mechaicals.
He purchased his first MB 250 in 1956 and sold it after two years.
In 1976 he bought another Adler and it turned out to be his original bike.

  Barry Illert        Holden Hill - South Australia

MB 250S & MB 250
Barry owned a Adler about 40 years ago and has recently purchased 3 Adlers and a wheelbarrow of parts.
One of the bikes is a goer ( just ) and another ready to put together.

 Nick Perugini         Connecticut -  USA

Adler Junior 1958
The scooter was driven until 1961 and then put away until 2009 when Nick found it in his grandmothers basement.
It was drained of fluids and has only 800 miles on the speedo.
Scooter is complete except for the keys, but the carby is in poor condition so a new one is being sought so this bike can once again get back on the road.
If anyone can help with parts or advice contact Don Littleford and the email address can be supplied.
email contact lost

  Otto Muller      Ingle Farm - South Australia

Adler 4 x MB250 ( 2 x 1954, 1955, 1956 )
Otto bought his first Adler a MB200 in 1963 and left a MB250 with his brothers in Germany when he emigrated to Australia in 1966.
In his first  week in Adelaide he bought a Yamaha
YDS2 ( Adler copy ) and now also owns a 1956 NSU Max and two 1969 Kreidler Florett 50cc bikes as well as the Adlers which are now undergoing restoration.

  Frank Stegerwald     Sarlat - France

Adler M200
Frank lives in France and found a M200 in a barn.
He is now starting the restoration process.
The first things he did was to empty the fuel tank, cleaned it out and provided fresh 1:25 gas. Cleaned the carby and filter and replaced the gearbox oil.
Gave it a crank and it started first time.
The clutch needs work and he is thinking of pulling the motor down but will probably enjoy some riding first.
The Adler is his first motorcycle experience having previously worked on Opel cars.
Frank is now being supplied with information to get him started.
email contact lost

  Philippe Bauduin     Normandy - France

Adler MB250
Philippe lives in France and has just got a MB250 which was given to him by his children for his 80th birthday.
Philippe owned his first Adler in 1954 and has been involved in restoring bikes so his birthday present of a bike in excellant condition made his day.

  Richard Maraldo      Pennsylvania - USA

Adler MB200
Richard lives in Pennsylvania USA and has owned his 1955 Adler since 1967 and is the second owner. 
He used it every day for about 6 years and then put it aside.
About 10 years ago he restored it and then rode it for a few years.
This year it was time to get the Adler going again.
He has a few mechanical problems to sort out.
Richard would welcome contact with other Adler owners especially those in the USA.

Alvaro Casal          Montevideo - Uruguay

Adler MB250S
Alvaro lives in South America and has owned the Adler for 10 years.
He has finally decided to give it a full restoration.
He will be contacting our parts suppliers in Germany for a crank shaft and con rods.
If there are any other Adler owners in South America then contact Alvaro

   Gerhard Keil         Tasmania - Australia

Adler M250 1953 / MB250 1955, M200

   Heinrich Human      Nelspruit - South Africa

Adler MB250
Heinrich has recently purchased a Adler with a spare motor & frame.
He would like to contact other owners in South Africa.
Information is being supplied to help in the restoration.

   John Manitsas  Thesaloniki - Greece

Adler MB200
John is a visitor to the web site from Greece.
He is restoring the Adler that belonged to his father.
The bike is reasonably complete so shouldn't have to find many parts

  Gordon Hallett     Stevenage Herts - UK

Adler MB250
Gordon is a new visitor from the UK.
He has recently completed the restoration of a MB250

  Chris Hill  Dublin - Ireland

Adler MB250
Chris has recently purchased a 1956/7 MB250.
Bought originally in Jan 1957 & used for 7 years.
It needs a complete rebuild so the process has started.

  Darren Perry Heathmont - Victoria Australia

Adler Junior
Darren has acquired a Junior scooter which is in excellent condition with only a few hundred km on the speedo.
Looking forward to getting it running again.
The Junior was a relatively rare model in Australia

 Tony Codrington Tanunda - South Australia

Adler MB250S 1956
Being restored in original green.
Has the correct shorter sports guards with external wiring to the tail light.
18ps engine porting, speedo with trip meter, high original pipes, low short handle bars & short levers.
Was in a basket case condition & has matching frame & engine numbers.
Tony ( Classic Restorations ), has restored quite a number of Australian Adler's over many years & always provides assistance to others.
He stocks a comprehensive range of spares & can supply most parts for a restoration.
Can assist with anything in the restoration process from crankshaft rebuilding, electronic ignition systems, wheels, painting, to a complete restoration.
Can be contacted at

  Kenneth Winter  Tazewell - USA

Adler MB250
Found in a basement & was disassembled 50 years ago.
Body restoration now with possible engine recondition later.
Just 8645 km on the speedo