The Adler Motorcycles Australian web site was opened in 2000 by Don Littleford. 

 Since then, 56 Australians and 45 International Adler enthusiasts have made contact through the web page.                                     The regular contact has resulted in information, photographs, articles and technical advice provided to assist in the restoration of     the Adler.                                                                                                                                                                                                       The aim of the web site is to be a contact point for Adler motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the World. 

 My philosphy in life is :- 

 If what you collect is true 

                Then keep what does speak to you

                         So you can in turn tell its story

About myself:

 My name is Don Littleford and I live in Toowoomba, Australia, which is right in the middle of the C on the map ( above ). 
 My first Adler was a 1955 MB250S which I purchased in 1957. 
 The bike at that time was very rare in Australia as most bikes were English and a twin English bike ( Matchless, Norton, AJS, etc ),   could be bought for about the same price. 
 The Adler was a sensational performer around town with it's brisk acceleration and handling.                                                               The bike gave me much pleasure and was a great leap forward from my previous Vespa motor scooter and 150cc BSA Bantam. 
 In 2000 I managed to find a 1955 MB250 Adler that had just been restored. 
 When I first saw this bike it brought back all the wild memories of my youth and I just had to buy it. 

Contact Information:

Don Littleford 

Post Office Box 9597, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia 4350 

email :- 

Tel :- International 617 46 141 207, Australia 07 46 141 207, Mob 0418 711 612

First Australian Adler Rally