Owners List.

The following Information has been provided by those accessing the site. 

If you would like your details included on the site, email the information to Don Littleford.

Email addresses are not shown for each owner, but they can be made available on request. 

They will be provided if permitted by the owner, so that owners can have direct contact with others in their own Country and worldwide. 

This contact is for advice and meetings.

 George White         Lancashire - United kingdom

 Ian Munro         Poole - UK
MB 250

 John Cousins         Inverness - UK
Two Favorits,MB 250, MB 200,MB 150

 Masson Philippe         Marchin - Belgium
M 200, MB 250

 Daman Thakore         Ahmedabad - India
M 100

 Carlos Pebe Montoya         Lima - Peru
125 cc

 Keith Wall         Sydney - Australia
MB 250 

 Thomas Ackermann         Gelnhausen - Germany
MB 250

 Kari Eskolin         Kerava - Finland
MB 250S

 Mark Mann          Toledo - USA
MB 250

 Herman Mertens         Antwerpen - Minderhout
MB 250

 Romeo Pocrnic         Nova Raca - Croatia
M 200, RS 250

 Peter Piendl         Australia
MB 250

 Don Littleford         Toowoomba - Australia
MB 250

 Rowan Bond         Mackay - Australia
MB 250, MB 250S

 Socrates         Sydney - Australia
MB 250

 Kerry Hill          Brisbane - Australia
MB 250

 Ralph Roles          Brisbane - Australia
MB 250, MB 250S

 Thomas Tisch         Redcliffe - Australia

 Edward Carter         Adelaide - Australia
MB 250

 Thom Wroblewicz          Warsaw - Poland
155 bicycle

 George Gould         Bribie Island - Australia
MB 250, MB 250S

 Guenter E.Bley          Florida - USA
Approx 35 Adlers from Sachs to Favorit and RS

 Peter Heher         Australia
Two MB 250

 Dirk Drechsle         Inzlingen - Germany
MB 250

 Laurits Lind         Denmark
MB 250

 Bernie Stevens         West Sussex - UK
MB 250 

 Kevin Wilson       Adelaide - Australia

 Pocrni C Romeo         Nova Raca - Croatia
Two M 200, MB 250RS

 Michael Liebig         Wiesbaden - Germany
M 250, LS sidecar, M 150
 Alvaro Milon Esparza          Lima - Peru
MB 250
 Leo Falkner        Sinsheim - Germany
MB 250S

 Vincent Estibeiro         Goa - India
M 125

 Rolf Mossberg         Karlskoga - Sweden
MB 250, Favorit

 Toptsidis Charalampos         Xanthi - Greece
MB 250

 Willfred Klee          Germany
Will Kee used to be the racing engine specialist in the ADLERWERKE
 Gus Priem         Fairfield - Australia

 John Pedersen         Silkeborg - Denmark
John bought his first Adler in 1959 

 W Zwier         Makkinga - Holland
MB 250.

 Moto Donatz          Netherlands
MB 250.

 Steve Keough         Canberra - Australia
MB 250.

 Kimberley          East Sussex - England

 Brian McRae          Bunbury - Australia
Two MB 250 

 Hans Schigulski         McLaren Vale - Australia
MB 250

 Fernando Tapia Vallenas        Cusco - Peru
MB 250

 Michael & Bill Waugh          North Shields - United Kingdom
MB 250, RS

 Baarb Smith          Kangaroo Flat - Australia
Adler car

 Alvaro Casal Tatlock        Montevideo - Uruguay
MB 250

 Jurgen Wolter         White River - South Africa
MB 250

 Thomas F Giordano         New York - USA

   Zig Pasznicki          Roleystone - Australia
MB 250

   Mark Brasser          Krommenie - Netherland
MB 250 Sprinter

   John Hankin          New Alresford - UK
1904 Adler 2 1/2 hp

   Phillip Potter        Adelaide - South Australia
MB 250

    David Wearne      Echuca - Australia

    Rich Lant      Bitburg - Germany via the USA
MB 250 1954

    Vince Bauer    Bundaberg - Australia
MB 250 1955

     Peter Heuzenroeder      Tanunda -  South Australia
MB 250 1955, MB 250 1956, MB 250S 1956

    Barry Illert        Holden Hill - South Australia
MB 250S & MB 250

    Otto Muller      Ingle Farm - South Australia
Adler 4 x MB250 ( 2 x 1954, 1955, 1956 )

    Philippe Bauduin     Normandy - France
Adler MB250

    Richard Maraldo      Pennsylvania - USA
Adler MB200

     Alvaro Casal          Montevideo - Uruguay
Adler MB250S

     Gerhard Keil         Tasmania - Australia
Adler M250 1953 / MB250 1955, M200

     Heinrich Human      Nelspruit - South Africa
Adler MB250

     John Manitsas  Thesaloniki - Greece
Adler MB200

    Gordon Hallett     Stevenage Herts - UK
Adler MB250

    Chris Hill  Dublin - Ireland
Adler MB250

    Darren Perry Heathmont - Victoria Australia
Adler Junior

   Tony Codrington Tanunda - South Australia
Adler MB250S 1956

He stocks a comprehensive range of spares & can supply most parts for a restoration.
Can assist with anything in the restoration process from crankshaft rebuilding, electronic ignition systems, wheels, painting, to a complete restoration.
Can be contacted at    classicresto@ihug.com.au

  Kenneth Winter  Tazewell - USA
Adler MB250