Other Adler Sites

A search of the web has identified the following sites.       
 It is recommended also that the links identified in these web sites be accessed for additional information.  
They provide a valuable source of information on the Adler ranging from photographs of the different models of bikes and cars, to interesting articles

  Michael`s Adler site Germany

 Motorrad Stemler spare parts Germany

 Motorrad Meister spare parts Germany  

 Classic and vintage light bulbs

 Stainless steel exhaust systems Warrnambool Victoria

  First Australian Adler rally 2009

 Report of first Australian Adler rally 2009

 Second Australian Adler rally 2011

 Third Australian Adler rally 2013

  Fourth Australian Adler rally 2015

 Michaels paint shop

 Netherlands Adler club

 Norge Adler club

 Netherland Club 

 Steve Keough ( Australia )

  Vince Bauer ( Australia )

  Adler sports & race cars

 Bernies blog site

 Adler parts on E Bay ( Germany )

  Adler on YouTube

   Adler parts Germany- Matthias Ritt. - Contact :-   matzeritt@kabelbw.de

   Adler restorations in Australia - Tony Codrington at Tanunda - Contact :-  classicrersto@ihug.com.au